Promos and Offers

We have special promotions for our valued customers.
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Lifetime Offer

We want to please our customers all throughout the year. Avail this offer anytime!

Bulk order offer:Huge discounts for your huge amount of orders! That’s right, instantly get a 10% discount for a high volume of order. 15% discount for more and up to 20% discount for a very high volume.

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Academic Offers

We have exclusive offers for students and institutions alike!

For Students: A small but useful reward for the hardworking students – a 10% off on your first order. Also get a chance to be upgraded to Platinum Customer status by inviting your friends to use our service.For University/College: Educational institutions who tie-up with us will have the advantage of being charged with lower rates per page - definitely lower than the market price.

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Platinum Customer Benefits

Enjoy being a royalty with the benefits of our Platinum Customer program. Receive an automatic 10% discount on your orders. More orders mean discounts of up to 20%! Also, have your projects worked on by only the best of our team.

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Offer for Government Agencies

Instantly receive a 10% discount! Plus 10% more for a higher volume of orders!

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Offer for Refer a Friend

Got lots of friend? That’s great! You can receive huge discounts for more friends you refer to us! Invite 2 or more friends and instantly get a 10% discount. Invite more than 5 and you’ll be upgraded to our Platinum Customer program.

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Offer on Second Order

Receive a 10% discount as a token of our gratitude for choosing us again.

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Seasonal Offers

Celebrate these holidays more cheerfully as you avail our huge discounts for the season!

Christmas: Accept this 20% discount as our gift!.

Thanksgiving Day: We are grateful for your trust. Here’s a 10% discount.

Independence Day:No need for fireworks when you can celebrate with a 10% discount.

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